torsdag 28 januari 2016

Status January

Have been a while since I last wrote, and I am sorry for that. Comes from the reason that I got a new position at my work and it has been a lot of new stuff to learn and really go into depth on some things which I have just touched in the past. 

I guess it haven't passed anyone but the year has started shaky in a very volatile market (yes, I love it)
I had the opportunity to increase my share in some of my beloved companies, stated below:

-Protector Forsikring (2 times)
-Avanza Zero
-Hennes & Mauritz

Protector released Q4 numbers last week and they are as always delivering, expecting a GWP growth on 22% during 2016.

Hennes & Mauritz announced Q4 numbers today and met analyst expectations on everything except the dividend increase from 9,75 SEK to 10 SEK. The stock fell -5% today after the announcement, which I think is an overreaction as always from Mr. Market. -maybe I buy some more in the upcoming weeks.

The savings is going on as normal transferred 25 000 SEK (2,75K €) on the 25th to my savings account.

Besides this I am working on a new report on a company which I hope will be published this weekend.

Stay tuned,

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